How the Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville Made Me Question My Life

Yep, my top three favorite shows, the Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville caused me to seriously think about my life last night! I think television makes me cry more than the average person. Commercials will even make me cry. And last night was the perfect storm.

First, I watched the Bachelor (don’t judge! ha) and I cried when Corinne (this season’s villain) was sent home. When he didn’t call her name she burst out in tears and it was so sad. But then she was over it when she got into the limo so that was a quick recovery! It’s a silly show and most of my friends and family think it’s fake and a waste of time, and maybe it is, but I love it anyway! I love seeing real connections and moments where you can see people falling for each other. Plus all the drama knows how to pull you in!


So next was catching up on my other shows. First, Grey’s Anatomy. If you don’t cry EVERY episode of Grey’s there’s something wrong with you. Like seriously, tears streaming every time. Last night there was a 30 year oldish girl that came in that looked like she had been homeless and thought there were snakes under her skin and was clearly mentally ill or on something. She had a pace maker in her that identified her and they were able to get ahold of her parents. Come to find out, her parents thought she was dead because she disappeared years ago and they could never find her. They had a funeral for her and she even had a tombstone. Wow, waterworks! Then they found out she had schizophrenia and it was so bad that she didn’t even recognize her own parents. Sad! Then they put her on meds and she finally had a moment when she recognized them. Bahhhhhhhhhh! I’m sure there were probably other things I cried at during Grey’s but that stood out the most.

And then the kicker! Nashville! Rayna Jaymes suddenly DIED!!! Sorry if I spoiled it. WOW, Nashville feels like real life and her death was super unexpected. So that’s when I really started bawling. It made me think how short life is. And how amazing it is that I’m even alive, that my heart and organs are working without me doing anything, and how much of a miracle that is. We can so easily get caught up in being busy and distracted from what really matters. So because of my favorite shows, today I’m more aware, more grateful.


What matters to you? If you knew you were going to die soon, what would you do? Do that! 

Did you see these episodes? Tell me your thoughts! Did they effect you at all?

Have a great day!!









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