What to do when you feel lost

We can all feel lost at times.

With being busy and pulled in all different directions, it’s easy to get disconnected with ourselves, with what we feel, what we want, who we are.

I felt that way the other day. So I took a Re-Centering Bath and I’m hooked! It was everything that I needed. I was exhausted and frazzled and a relaxing bath came to mind. And everyone was asleep so it sounded amazing. And it was!


Here’s how to start a Re-Centering Bath:

Now you can get to the real work. Take inventory of what you’re holding on to. What are you thinking about? What are the burdens you’re holding on to? What are you feeling? Anger, resentment, loneliness, bitterness, rejection, abandonment, confusion, hurt, etc. What is your reality in this moment? Allow yourself to acknowledge what you are feeling. We spend so much time and energy ignoring negative feelings, but those negative feelings effect every part of our lives until we can face and then release them. So feel the hurt, cry the cry, and acknowledge your reality. As you bring them to the surface, the next place those negative thoughts go is out of your body. So let them out. This is not a time to dwell on bad thoughts or feelings, but to just catch and release them. And as yucky as they may feel, they are indicators to your solutions. If you’re not happy with a situation, it is for a reason and listening to your true feelings will help to direct you to where you should go. As your pores are opening up in the warm water and allowing the Epsom salt to relax your muscles and detox your body, allow your heart and mind to open at this time as well.

Next, connect with your most Tender Self. Think of yourself in your most naive state, you as your five year old self. Who are you? What do you like? What makes you happy? Our opinion and thought of ourselves can so often be shaped by other people’s thoughts of who we are or who society says we should be, but we cannot have true power until we decide for ourselves who we are. So reconnect to your reality and what makes you you most authentic and beautiful self.

You can check out more benefits to a Lavender Epsom Salt bath on Dr. Axe’s page here.


Hopefully you will find rest and recovery in this process. Take this bath and let me know your experience! Happy bathing!!













Yep I cried and taped it

I blame this cry on Dani & Drea’s Spin the Bottle podcast! That’s okay though, it was a good cry for me. I feel felt my feelings and expressed my thoughts because of Spin the Bottle’s post about the word “Meraki” which is described as doing something with soul, creativity, or love – when you put ‘something of yourself’ into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.” So beautiful! I’ve been thinking lately how I want to release everything inside of me to leave behind beautiful things that will make the world better.

Watch the video here.

Also, Check out the amazing Spin the Bottle podcast!!

I would love to hear your thoughts! xoxo

How To Kick-Start Your Day with 3 Morning Coffee Secrets 


The infamous morning coffee.

To some, there’s nothing like it. The smell, the warmth, the kick of energy. It’s a sacred ritual, an important part of life, a necessity.

Although I enjoy a comforting latte or macchiato once in a while, the calories and price are only spared for the occasional experience. But I want my morning coffee to have the comforting punch with healthy results. So after years of exploring, I have found my yummy staple morning coffee with a healthy kick. Here’s how I make the most out of this beautiful beverage.

There are three important steps to my morning coffee that are energizing and full of healthy benefits.


1. Coconut Oil

What are you putting in your coffee?? That’s right, Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is beneficial in so many ways. Consider it your staple in cooking, baking, smoothie making, coffee drinking and skin conditioning! 

As a healthy fat, coconut oil is easy to digest, immediately used as energy instead of stored as fat, and an anti-microbial and anti-fungal. We have been told to stay away from fat, when in fact it is essential and really important for us. The good fat, that is. Coconut oil is considered a Medium-Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA), which your body immediately uses as energy as well as breaking down fat and bad bacteria. There are so many other benefits, check some out at Dr. Axe’s 20 Coconut Oil Benefits & Side Effects (#5 is Life Saving).


Putting up to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your morning coffee will help start your metabolism and get your digestive system moving in the right way.

2. Coconut Creamer (or any dairy-free creamer)

I love milk or half and half in my coffee, but with all of the hormones and steriods and who knows what else in milk (I at least get organic if I can), I’m starting to look for better options that tastes just as good. Trader Joe’s Coconut Creamer is the best! I like coconut creamer in general because to me, it doesn’t have a weird aftertaste.

3. Xylitol

Xylitol isn’t very widely known, but it’s healthy and sweet like sugar! Dentists recommend using products with xylitol because it’s known to prevent tooth decay and fight against bad bacteria. The great thing is that it’s a natural substance, found in plants, and sweet like sugar but will not spike your blood sugar like the real thing. Random, but it also helps against ear infections. Check out more benefits and info here.

So far my favorite xylitol product is Xylosweet. Just sprinkle this product in your coffee for some sweetness and tooth decay prevention!


What are some of your key coffee rituals? Have you used any of these three morning coffee secrets?

Have a great day! Happy coffee drinking!





Queenship 101


You have been given you a crown, Princess. You are Beautiful, Adorned with Glory, a Precious Jewel, sparkling with majesty. He sees you, and I see you, Princess, with Love that cannot be contained! Will you choose to see yourself like that as well?

You say “Not me, I have done this and that. I’m broken, dirty and worn. I’m not that.” But I say again, yes, you are not defined by what you’ve done or what’s been done to you. You are a spectacular creation. Every detail of you, inside and out, has been put together for this specific time and place and purpose.

You know what’s beautiful about you? Everything! Your personality, what makes you tick, what makes you smile, what makes you cry. In your darkest place, He is there. You don’t need to hide from Him, for He is Love and Acceptance. He rejoices when you let Him in because when you do, that’s when He can heal brokenness and show you how loved and lovely you are. He has clothed you, daughter, in righteousness. He has clothed you in beautiful garments fit for a Queen, because that’s what you are. You are wholly and dearly loved and created for great things. Accept this truth, open your heart to receive His love and love for yourself in exchange for your brokenness, and allow that to lead you to wonderful places!

As a Queen, you can move mountains, and anyone that says differently, including yourself, don’t even pay a moment’s attention to such foolishness!!


Have a great day! Be you in every way!!

Trying to get my shit together

Yep, I have to figure out how to get my shit together. I just can’t believe that I’m in my thirties and still don’t know what I want to do. Oh, the dreaded question, “What do you do?, blah. Technically, a bunch of stuff, but sometimes it feels like nothing. Journaling has always helped me process through thoughts but that’s not going to cut it this time. I need more. I need to make some moves. So I’m going to be open and honest and bear my soul through this blog. I’m excited to spend some time on myself and making an effort to get the things that are in my head out.

I was talking to a friend the other day about my frustration in wanting to accomplish so many things but really struggling to get them done. There are a lot of variables that come into play and I know there are solutions to overcome each hurdle. I’ve tried them here and there, but it’s time to really push it into full gear. And part of what makes me think about this a lot is that so many people I know also struggle with feeling stuck, unsure about what to do and how to do it.

How about this horse that’s not quite sure what to do and this cow laughing about it!!


I’m actually very happy with my life and love it so much! I stay at home with my 2 1/2 year old son, I’m married to the best man out there and never have a dull moment with him. I started a nonprofit a few years ago and created and ran retreats for teen girls. I love that so much and I love event planning. I also started Jennyologie, where I funnel my love for food and health, and I love that. I love cooking. I love working out and dancing. I even became Zumba certified but never got around to choreographing a class and I’m not even sure if I want to. I just became certified in Bartending because even though it seems random, it fits my desire to interact with people and serve and be in a fun environment. I’m enjoying it so much! I also love doing admin stuff and organizing. Anyone want me to come and clean their cupboards or closet out?! Also, I love to write, and have always thought about the books I want to write. I love encouraging others and think being a life coach would be so wonderful. I started looking into being a life coach and found The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo that changed my life and made me realize I need a life coach, I don’t need to be one right now! Ha, maybe someday :). I love women and I want to figure out how to help my fellow females feel confident and know their true worth. I love creating products and the whole process of starting something new. Isn’t it so exhausting just to hear the list of what interests me?! And all these things I really want to pursue and I know that I can’t just choose one or two because I get bored too easily. I love to multitask but I love to do so many different things that I forget about them all! Lord have mercy on me lol.


My struggle with not knowing what exactly to focus on makes me think of a TED talk called “Why some of us don’t have a true calling” with Emilie Wapnick. Emilie defines the type of person with many interests and creative pursuits a Multipotentialite. Hearing what she has to say about it finally made me feel alright about how I function. Check it out, it’s such a good (and short) talk that has been so encouraging. She talks about Multipotentialites being great at Innovation, Rapid Learning and Adaptability.

Emilie says, “It is rarely a waste of time to pursue something you’re drawn to even if you end up quiting. You may apply that knowledge in a different field entirely in a way you couldn’t have anticipated. Embrace your many passions. Follow your curiosity down those rabbit holes. Explore your intersections. Embracing our inner wiring leads to a happier, more authentic life. And most importantly, Multipotentialites, the world needs us.”

So is there anyone out there that struggles with having so many interests? And if so, have you figured out how to juggle between those? Do you have any tips or tricks on squeezing the most out of the day and being extra productive? Side note, I used to get up earlier than my son if I wanted to do be productive, and that was very helpful, but now whenever I wake up he somehow knows and wakes up too! Dang dude, give your mom some time to herself lol.

Side note, I just found a great article called 9 genius ways for the busy mom to multitask.

So I’m encouraged that it’s okay to be interested in several things and I love that part of who I am. But I’m determined to leave a mark on the world and I feel a need to make more headway with my potential and ability so that when I come to the end of my life I will be able to say “I GAVE MY ALL AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!”

I would love to continue this conversation. Do you have any thoughts or experiences that you can share with me? I hope I hear from you! xoxo










How the Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville Made Me Question My Life

Yep, my top three favorite shows, the Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville caused me to seriously think about my life last night! I think television makes me cry more than the average person. Commercials will even make me cry. And last night was the perfect storm.

First, I watched the Bachelor (don’t judge! ha) and I cried when Corinne (this season’s villain) was sent home. When he didn’t call her name she burst out in tears and it was so sad. But then she was over it when she got into the limo so that was a quick recovery! It’s a silly show and most of my friends and family think it’s fake and a waste of time, and maybe it is, but I love it anyway! I love seeing real connections and moments where you can see people falling for each other. Plus all the drama knows how to pull you in!


So next was catching up on my other shows. First, Grey’s Anatomy. If you don’t cry EVERY episode of Grey’s there’s something wrong with you. Like seriously, tears streaming every time. Last night there was a 30 year oldish girl that came in that looked like she had been homeless and thought there were snakes under her skin and was clearly mentally ill or on something. She had a pace maker in her that identified her and they were able to get ahold of her parents. Come to find out, her parents thought she was dead because she disappeared years ago and they could never find her. They had a funeral for her and she even had a tombstone. Wow, waterworks! Then they found out she had schizophrenia and it was so bad that she didn’t even recognize her own parents. Sad! Then they put her on meds and she finally had a moment when she recognized them. Bahhhhhhhhhh! I’m sure there were probably other things I cried at during Grey’s but that stood out the most.

And then the kicker! Nashville! Rayna Jaymes suddenly DIED!!! Sorry if I spoiled it. WOW, Nashville feels like real life and her death was super unexpected. So that’s when I really started bawling. It made me think how short life is. And how amazing it is that I’m even alive, that my heart and organs are working without me doing anything, and how much of a miracle that is. We can so easily get caught up in being busy and distracted from what really matters. So because of my favorite shows, today I’m more aware, more grateful.


What matters to you? If you knew you were going to die soon, what would you do? Do that! 

Did you see these episodes? Tell me your thoughts! Did they effect you at all?

Have a great day!!








A Little Introduction

Hi ya’ll! I’m Jenny 🙂


My son Isaac and my husband at a Number One party in Nashville for an amazing song he wrote!

I am starting this blog for my own sake, to have a place to document and process my life. I’ve always journaled because for me, it really helps me to stop and process through my thoughts and experiences. So this is my electronic journal. And also, I feel so blessed to have an amazing life that I want to document it so I don’t forget!

I live in Santa Barbara with my amazing husband of 7 years and I am a stay-at-home mom with my 2 1/2 year old son Isaac. My husband is a singer/songwriter and super talented and there is never a dull moment with him around! My son is smart and silly and always moving and karate kicking and fighting.

I grew up in Michigan, went to college at Grand Valley State University and graduated with a degree in Public & Nonprofit Administration. After I graduated, I lived in New Orleans with a nonprofit ministry called Mission Year and worked with a school and church to help out in the community wherever I could. I have some really great memories from that experience (I’ll share later). Then I moved in with my mom in Nashville, TN for a couple of years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I’m still trying to figure that one out 12 years later! :D. Then my man swooped me up one day, took me to Los Angeles, CA with him and we have been here ever since. Since we gor married and came to LA in 2010, I’ve started a nonprofit, created and ran some camps for teen girls focused on self-image and confidence, volunteered, helped my husband with the admin side of his business, worked at a hotel in West Hollywood, catered and bartended some fun events, had a baby, started making and selling nut and seed blends with my new business called Jennyologie, and some other fun things :).

Now, I’m trying to figure out what to do next and I know this blog will help me figure that out.

Much love to ya!! Any questions or comments, let me know!